As a business owner looking for the right payroll or controller candidate, it can be daunting to find the right person. You want someone ideal for the job but also for your organization. We’re confident our team here at Edgewater CPA Group is a perfect fit for you. Still, here are the top five traits to look for in a payroll or controller candidate.

Top 5 Traits to Look for in a Payroll or Controller Candidate

1. Attention to Detail

One of the most important traits you should look for in a candidate is their attention to detail. The payroll process is complex and involves numerous details that need to be accurate. A candidate with great attention to detail will be able to catch any inconsistencies, errors, or omissions before they become major problems or legal liabilities.

2. Analytical Skills

Payroll and controller positions require strong analytical skills to effectively manage data, identify trends, and develop comprehensive reports. A candidate with strong analytical skills will be able to analyze financial data and provide insights on how to make improvements. This skill is critical for the success and growth of your business.

3. Adaptability

The business world is constantly changing, and accounting candidates must be able to adapt to these changes quickly. As technology continues to advance, new regulations are implemented, and customer demands change, an adaptable candidate must remain compliant and efficient. As you can see, Adaptability is one of the most essential traits you should look for in a payroll or controller candidate. 

4. Excellent Communication Skills

Anyone working in your financial department must be able to communicate effectively. They’ll be in constant contact with the finance team, human resources, senior management, and external stakeholders. They must be able to articulate complex information in a way that is easily understood by others and deliver financial information with confidence and clarity.

5. Strong Work Ethic

A candidate with a strong work ethic is someone who is passionate about their work. A strong work ethic is essential for any candidate, but especially for your financial team, as they will often have deadlines to meet and must be able to manage competing priorities effectively.

Find the Right Financial Team with Edgewater

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