It happens all the time.  You come home from work and you walk to the mailbox and pull out a stack of envelopes.  You look through shuffle through the many pieces of junk mail and then you stop dead in your tracks.  It’s a letter from the dreaded Internal Revenue Service.  Fear grips you.  Your heart starts racing.  Your hands get sweaty.  You wonder if you should even open the letter and read it.  Surely if I ignore it, it will go away – right?  Wrong.


Over 15 million taxpayers in the United States have tax issues with the IRS.  While the prospect of having to deal with such a big and powerful government agency is daunting, it doesn’t have to be.  Contrary to popular belief, the IRS is very willing to work with taxpayers to resolve tax debts in and amicable way.  Whether it is an audit, back taxes owed, payroll tax issues, or some other problem, the IRS wants to help find a resolution.  HOWEVER, you must not ignore the notices you receive and you must be proactive in resolving the problem.


That is what Tax Resolution is.  Whether through an Installment Agreement (payment plan), Offer-in-Compromise (where one settles the tax debt for less than is owed), or something as simple as sending a few documents to the IRS to support a deduction claimed on your taxes, tax resolution is the process to resolve the issue.  It can feel scary and overwhelming to face these problems, however with an experienced professional who specializes in tax resolution, it doesn’t have to be.


My name is Patrick Wanzer and I am a CPA and a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist with Edgewater CPA Group.  I have been a CPA for over 9 years and have been practicing in the field of tax resolution for over 8 years.  I have helped many clients resolve their tax problems with the IRS and Indiana Department of Revenue.  From successful Offers-in-Compromise, to Audit Defense, to Installment Agreements, and Innocent Spouse filings, I know how to navigate the vast maze of IRS regulations and forms to get the best results for my clients.


If you or anyone you know has a tax issue with the Internal Revenue Service or the Indiana Department of Revenue, please schedule a phone or in-person consultation today.  Your tax issues won’t go away on their own, but with the help of an experienced Tax Resolution Specialist, you can put your tax problems behind you once and for all.


Patrick H. Wanzer, CPA, CTRS

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