A business merger or acquisition can be exciting for both employers and employees. However, for payroll and controller professionals, it can also mean a lot of additional tasks and challenges. As one of the key departments during a merger or acquisition, it’s important to start planning early and be aware of some of the most common hurdles. Below, Edgewater CPA Group shares some tips and best practices for navigating accounting duties during a merger.

How to Navigate Accounting Duties During a Merger

Establish Communication and Clear Processes

Communication is key during a merger or acquisition, especially regarding accounting duties. Establish clear communication channels between HR, your controller, and management to ensure everyone is on the same page. Define the roles and responsibilities of each department, and create a process for handling payroll and accounting tasks before, during, and after the merger or acquisition.

Ensure Compliance with Regulation and Legal Matters

Legal compliance is crucial during a merger. So, be sure to stay up-to-date with current regulations and laws related to payroll, taxes, and accounting. Make sure to consult with legal and tax professionals to ensure compliance with all regulations and minimize risks. It’s also important to verify that employee records, benefits, and payroll tax filings are accurate and up-to-date.

Plan for Integration and Systems Merging

A merger often involves integrating two or more systems, which can be complex. Identifying the key systems and processes affected by the merger, such as payroll and HRIS systems, is important. Ensure that the systems are compatible and plan for a smooth integration.

Monitor and Evaluate Performance Post-Merger or Acquisition

After a merger or acquisition, it’s important to monitor and evaluate the performance of all accounting functions and duties. Assess performance regularly, and make any necessary changes to ensure compliance with regulations and best practices. Additionally, collect feedback from HR, accounting, and management to identify areas of improvement.

Let’s Prep You For an Upcoming Merger

Feeling confident in your ability to navigate accounting duties during a merger? Let Edgewater CPA Group and our team of accounting and tax professionals help put your mind at ease while ensuring the process goes smoothly. We’ll handle everything from a bookkeeping, tax, and controller standpoint. So, if you’re considering merging with another business in Carmel, IN, contact our office at (317) 386-7021.