If you run a business, payroll and accounting must be part of your management responsibilities. When it comes to keeping accurate records, it becomes more critical for both your payroll and controller duties. Record-keeping is crucial for various reasons, including tax prep and growth forecasting. But there are other ways record-keeping benefits payroll and controller duties within your organization, and Edgewater CPA Group is here to explain further.

How Record-Keeping Benefits Payroll and Controller Duties

Compliance with Legal Regulations

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) mandates all organizations to maintain payroll-related records for at least three years. Furthermore, IRS suggests keeping all financial records for seven years. By keeping accurate and comprehensive records, you can meet any legal requirements easily. And in case you need to retrieve the information later, you will have it.

Tax Filing and Payments

Accurate record-keeping is also necessary for the tax-filing process. Inaccurate records or neglected payroll taxes can cause severe consequences. For example, the IRS can impose severe penalties and fines for incorrect filing, or, in some cases, trigger an audit. In addition, proper record-keeping, including tax deductions, social security contributions, and other variables, can help avoid potential financial problems later.

Discrepancy Resolution

Discrepancies in payroll processing can cause serious issues, such as overpaid taxes or insufficient contributions toward retirement funds. In addition, unresolved discrepancies can cause errors in financial statements and payroll reports that can throw off the entire budget. Therefore, accurate record-keeping is necessary to avoid such discrepancies.

Decision Making

An appropriate, organized recording system helps plan budgets, set achievable financial goals, measure performance against business projections, and more. Financial statements offer a clear and concise picture of the company’s financial health. By accessing the payroll records, a company can plan and stick to its budget more efficiently.

We’ll Keep Your Books Clean

Making financial business decisions relies heavily on your current affairs and the record-keeping systems you have in place. But this task can get overwhelming, which is why many small business owners in Carmel, IN, turn to the team of experts at Edgewater CPA Group. We specialize in bookkeeping, controller duties, tax prep, and more. So, if you’re falling behind on your record-keeping, give us a call at (317) 386-7021.