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Edgewater CPA Group has been providing professional accounting services to business owners in Indiana and throughout the U.S. since 2008. Our priority is to help you gain freedom so you can focus on your passion. Schedule your consultation today by calling (888) 317-4835.

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Once a customized plan is developed, we will adjust your past finances and set you up for a successful future.

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Our Accounting Services

Profitability & Growth Services Profitability & Growth Services in the U.S. Area

Profitability & Growth

Bridging the gap between CFO and accounting services with our strategic suite of CFO-level services intended to turn major ambitions into manageable action plans.

Business Bookkeeping Services Business Bookkeeping Services in the U.S. Area


Customized according to your specific needs, our bookkeeping services include capturing transactions, reconciling accounts, entering payroll data, finalizing reports, and much more.

Business Tax Strategy & Preparation Services Business Tax Strategy & Preparation Services in the U.S. Area

Tax Strategy & Preparation

We do more than simply filing end of the year tax returns; we help you find the most tax-advantaged position for your particular business.

Accounting Controller Services Accounting Controller Services in the U.S. Area


As a thorough financial management solution for business owners, our controller services empower you by providing the financial tools needed to understand your specific business situation.

Payroll Services Payroll Services in the U.S. Area


Our professional payroll services include employee/employer online portals, direct deposit, tax filings across all 50 states, benefit deductions, and more.

Tax Resolution Services Tax Resolution Services in the U.S. Area

Tax Resolution

Helping you get out from underneath your difficult or complicated tax situation so you can move forward.

Why Choose Edgewater?

Relieve the stress of tracking your finances, allowing you to focus on your business.

Empower and educate you to make wise business decisions.

Operate in a virtual capacity, with limited meetings.

Customize our accounting services to meet your specific business’s financial needs.

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Your Success is Our Business

When you partner with Edgewater, you are never managing your business finances on your own. Our certified public accountants are available to give you the answers you need, when you need them. Understanding your company’s finances is essential to making the best decisions in order to grow your company. With our financial management solutions, we provide a foundation on which you can build a healthy, growing business.

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Edgewater CPA Group offers several financial management solutions for small business owners. We help you navigate the world of business accounting, giving you back the time you need to focus on your business. Schedule your consultation today by calling (888) 317-4835. We have offices in Carmel, Evansville, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne, and we serve clients across the U.S.