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Edgewater CPA Group has been providing small businesses with professional accounting services since 2008. Schedule your consultation today by calling (888) 317-4835.

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We help you build a customized plan by understanding your specific business, learning how you operate, and discovering your future business goals.

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When your custom plan is developed, we take you through the process to correct any past mistakes and build a healthy baseline for future freedom.

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Once you’re on the right path, we maintain your accounting needs while you focus on growing your business.

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Edgewater helped me structure my business in a way that works best for me. Now I can spend more time with my family and provide the life that I want outside of work.

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Business Accounting Services in Indiana

Our Client-Centered Approach

While it can be exciting to live out the dream of owning a business, it can also be frustrating when trying to navigate the world of small business accounting. Edgewater partners with business owners in order to relieve the stress of managing their finances.

Small Business Accounting Solutions

As one of the leading accounting firms in Indiana, we offer several professional accounting services to support your small business journey.

Bookkeeping Services

Gain time for what you love by taking advantage of our professional bookkeeping services:

  • After the Fact Bookkeeping, which includes capturing transactions, reconciling accounts, entering payroll data, finalizing reports as needed, and more.
  • Full Service Bookkeeping includes After the Fact Bookkeeping services plus invoice tracking (A/R, collections assistance, bill tracking (A/P), and inventory tracking.
  • Customized bookkeeping services based on your specific financial needs.
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Small Business Tax Strategy & Prep

Our business tax services include more than filing end-of-the-year business taxes. We help our clients find the most tax-advantaged position. Our tax strategy approach includes:

  • Advisory sessions to ensure your business is placed in the best tax-beneficial position possible.
  • Possible reorganization of business structures, such as payroll or expenses, in order to implement tax-saving strategies.
  • Maintenance of your financial accounts through quarterly meetings, annual tax preparation, and support from our CPAs.
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Specialized Controller Services

Our controller services empower you by giving you the financial tools you need to understand your specific business situation. As a small business CPA, we provide a variety of services that include:

  • Budgeting, forecasting, and trend analysis.
  • Cash flow management and projections.
  • Assist with price setting (for services or products).
  • Audit preparation and oversight.
  • Management of accounting processes.
  • Lending support and bank relationships.
  • And more!
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Efficient Payroll Services

Our professional payroll accounting services include tasks such as:

  • Direct deposit and other methods.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payroll.
  • Escrow of taxes.
  • Employee/Employer online access.
  • Tax filings for all 50 states.
  • Benefit and garnishment deductions.
  • Worker’s compensation.
  • Federal filings (941, 940, W-2).
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Gain Freedom to Focus on Your Passion

Edgewater CPA Group is a comprehensive accounting service solution for the unique financial needs of small business owners. Call (888) 317-4835 to schedule your consultation. We have offices in Carmel, Evansville, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne, and we serve clients across the U.S.