Hiring the best CPA to meet your needs saves you money, minimizes risk exposure, and provides peace of mind. It’s a crucial decision for individuals and entrepreneurs alike. Therefore, it’s wise to consider what factors deliver the best possible outcomes when it comes to making the best decision. In this article, which is the first of a two-part series, Edgewater CPA Group tackles the topic. Keep reading to learn how to hire the best CPA. 

How To Hire the Best CPA: Part One

Understand Your Financial Position & Needs

Before you begin the process to hire a CPA, you should gain a clear understanding of your current financial position and needs. The first step toward finding a good CPA is knowing your personal needs. Gather all of your accounts and financing documents. Think about your finances, business finances, goals, and specific needs. With this information in hand, you’ll be better positioned to know what you need from a CPA and make the right decision.   

Shop Local

Local communities encourage people to shop local, especially during the holiday season, and we couldn’t agree more. No matter the time of year, shopping local benefits both you and the local business in several ways. Obviously, it supports local business owners. Additionally, it allows you to form more of a personal relationship with direct access to your CPA. Moreover, you can meet with a financial professional in person instead of being relegated to phone calls and Zoom meetings. 

Ask People You Trust for a Recommendation

People who are happy with a product or service quickly evangelize it. If you proactively ask people to make a recommendation, they will happily oblige. Of course, you want to be sure that you ask people you trust, who have direct experience with the business or the person they recommend. Nevertheless, this is always a great way to gather a couple of options to pursue further. 

Look For a Partner

It’s not wrong to hire a CPA to perform a function. However, the best experiences include a professional partnership. In a partnership, you cultivate trust and communication. Consequently, you work together to accomplish goals, get advice, and protect against risk from mistakes. From bookkeeping to accounting to business tax strategy, approaching a partnership positions you for success.

Emphasize Specialization

CPAs often specialize in different areas, similar to law. For example, one CPA may specialize in government accounting while another focuses mainly on tax preparation. For example, Edgewater CPA is well-versed in cryptocurrency. This isn’t to say that a CPA professional or firm can’t handle multiple accounting aspects. However, if you are looking for a specific area of focus in addition to general services, make sure to ask.

Comprehensive Financial Services

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