Being a business owner is tough, especially in today’s environment. Wage pressures, staffing shortages, and supply chain issues represent just a few of the challenges you face daily. Sometimes, you find yourself putting out fires all day, going home exhausted, and then realizing you didn’t accomplish anything substantial. Would you like to refocus, reduce the noise, and focus on your business? In this post, Edgewater CPA Group provides five ways to do just that. 

5 Ways To Remove Distractions and Focus on Your Business

1. Start with the Basics

Sometimes, business owners get caught up working in the business instead of on the business. Obviously, you need to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty sometimes. Still, it can become the norm, which prevents you from leading. 

On a sheet of paper, create a quadrant by drawing two intersecting lines. One line represents essential items versus unimportant items. The other line represents urgent items versus non-urgent items. The four quadrants display:

  • urgent, important items
  • non-urgent, important items
  • urgent, un-important items, and
  • non-urgent, non-important items.

Go through the exercise yourself or with your team. Then, delegate each task according to its priority. This exercise helps you break things down into manageable tasks. As basic as it is, the effort enables you to refocus and relieve stress.

2. Review Your Business Strategy

Various economic, manufacturing, and labor factors impact your business. Today’s current challenges will wane; however, you need to stay in business until they do. For that reason, we suggest you review your business strategy, including your tax and financial strategy, to determine whether you need to adjust. When you study and develop your business strategy, you either gain confidence that you’re pursuing the right things or you intentionally adjust and right the ship.

3. Get Organized

It’s challenging to run your business, cast vision, and lead well when things are chaotic. You or your team may drop the ball on important things because of wearing too many hats. It’s essential to keep up on bookkeeping and financial reporting during busy times. Additionally, you may also feel relief by simply clearing out the clutter in the office. In other words, clean and organize the workspace and create an organized, orderly environment. We think you will find that an organized space facilitates better focus and concentration. 

4. Offload What’s Keeping You Distracted

We often find that business owners try to save money by doing everything themselves. While we support financial stewardship, we see many leaders shoot themselves in the foot with this approach. Why? They spend time doing what they hate, it takes them longer to do it, and they have little time to do what they’re good at. Instead, offload what you can (e.g., payroll, administrative tasks).

5. Take a Power Break

Do you find yourself stressed out but feel like there’s too much to do to take a break? For business owners, this can include eating and sleeping. The truth is that eating well, sleeping, exercising, and five-minute breaks help increase focus and productivity. Moreover, they’re good for your health. 

Take One Step at a Time

Edgewater CPA Group supports Carmel and Fishers business owners every day. We provide professional financial services that keep your business running so that you focus on leading it. Are you ready for a break? Call (888) 317-4835 for a consultation.